Author: Mary McKinney

Building Your Trench of Truth

I struggle with anxiety. I have for years and it comes in phases through different seasons of my life. I attend and work at a pretty big church. I have no anxiety during the week when I am working, I love going to work every day. I love Sundays and seeing the kids and leaders having so much fun worshiping God. What sets my anxiety off is going to a church service.

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5 Ways to Find Daily Sabbath Moments With God

A while ago my friend and mentor told me something that I have never forgotten, find daily Sabbath moments with God. Not just during a quiet time but all day long. There are moments throughout all of our days where God wants us to connect with Him. Be in prayer with God, even if for a few moments. Or sit and listen to a worship song while doing nothing. Simple things like this is how I have Sabbath moments all day long.

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