Nourishing Your Soul For Growth

Nourishing Your Soul For Growth

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Last year I planted two pretty ferns in pots, one on each side of our front door. They looked very pretty and added a beautiful pop to our front porch. I gave them water and a little sunshine so they would grow and flourish.

Over the winter I decided to put them in the garage and see what happened. I did nothing to them, I think I gave them water once, I know that’s bad! Yesterday we pulled them out and they aren’t as pretty or green and have lots of brown stems on them.

So I trimmed off all the brown stems and they are now basking in a little sun. I gave them some Epsom salt water, they love this (the recipe is below). But, If I give them too much sun or salt they will die. I am nurturing the ferns so they will grow and flourish like last year.

How often do we nourish your own soul?

Nourishing Your Soul For Growth

All those who believe in Christ Jesus should have an intimate relationship with him. We do this through worship, prayer, and reading His word. These things fill our souls, they grow us closer to God. That in turn helps us flourish so we can fulfill his purpose for our lives. All believers have a purpose here on earth, to fulfill that purpose we need to know Christ intimately.

Are you in God’s word daily? I was saved in 2000 and didn’t really understand the purpose of a quiet time or any time with God. But I did jump into serving and the people around me taught me by leading by example. In the same way that our kids do what they see us do, we do what we see our mentors do, but that’s a whole different post!

I served in children’s ministry. I did this because I felt that that was what I was supposed to do, and also to be with my son and daughter who were also in church. Little did I know that 21 years later I would still be serving in kids ministry and that God would take that service and turn it into a passion. I had no idea that I would be on staff at a church and serving in children’s ministry! God is so good!

My point here is I learned to nurture my soul, I got into God’s word, and God blessed me by giving me purpose and passion in His church. About 1 1/2 years before I was asked to join the staff at our church, God called me to children’s ministry while I was leading a 3-year-old class. He very clearly said, “I am calling you to children’s ministry”. I took some classes on children’s ministry and got a certificate and then waited.

All that to so say, nurture your relationship with God! It’s so important, God will grow you into your purpose. He has a plan for you. I spend time with God every day, when I don’t (which is very rare) my day is a hot mess! I mean seriously a hot mess, check out this blog post.

Every one of us is here to glorify God and to spread the gospel. God has a different way he will use each of us. My story won’t be the same as your story, but the only way to know His will for you is to have a relationship with Him.

The Holy Spirit lives in us and we need nourishing. We need to be watered with God’s Word just like my ferns need water to grow and flourish!

If you don’t know where to start getting into His word, a bible reading plan is an excellent place to begin. Start with prayer and read God’s word. He’ll lead you from there if your heart is in the right place.

Here is the simple recipe I use to water my ferns.

1 teaspoon of Epsom salts to 1 gallon of water. You can do this once a month. This first month since they came out of my garage I have been doing this every two weeks and they are getting greener by the day!

If you are looking for a great bible this is the one I use. It’s a large print and I can highlight and it doesn’t bleed through very much.

I also have this CBS Holy Bible and it’s gorgeous!

This blog contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a commission from the sale of that product.

10 thoughts on “Nourishing Your Soul For Growth

  1. Thank you for your beautiful words on nourishing our souls for growth. I too spend time for nourishing in the Word first thing in the morning. And I am a mess too if I don’t! Thank you also for the fern water recipe. We have one outside in a pot to the wild and it has come back to life after a dormant winter. It’s wonderful how God works!

  2. Wonderful reminder. I was blessed that the church where I became a Christian as a teen emphasized reading the Bible. It took several stops and starts before it became a regular habit, but I am so thankful it became a habit. God’s Word nourishes, builds us up, gives us peace and hope. No wonder we feel parched and low and discouraged without it.

  3. Beautiful post and very encouraging! Thanks for the epsom salt recipe. I will have to try that! I have used epsom salt for my plants in the past, but I think I used too much. Just as plants need care, certainly our spiritual lives do, too!

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